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Balloon Volleyball



Physical Education
--Team Sports
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Brief Description

Stuck indoors? Set up a net," blow up a balloon, and play balloon volleyball. Included: Rules and variations.


Students will

  • follow the rules of the game.
  • play a team" game by making an effort to include everyone.
  • show good sportsmanship while playing.


game, balloon volleyball, balloon, volleyball, team

Materials Needed

  • balloon
  • rope or yarn

Lesson Plan

Students need to release some energy? Raining outdoors? An indoor game of balloon volleyball doesnt even require moving students desks out of the way! Just grab a large balloon and set up a net (or string a piece of rope across the middle of the classroom and tie is securely) and have students turn their desks toward the net -- and youre set to play.

Balloon Volleyball Rules
Balloon volleyball follows the same rules as a regular volleyball game. Students will even rotate" (change desks) each time play reverts to the other team. Some additional rules you might consider as you play

  • Chairs and desks must remain still during the game. If a chair or desk moves (is heard to scrape the floor), play moves across the net to the other team.
  • Make the game more challenging by insisting that the balloon be touched by at least three students on a team before it can be hit across the net. That will make the game more inclusive and more of a team" effort.
  • If you want to add an even bigger challenge, drape a sheet over the rope. That way, the opposing team wont be able to see when the balloon is coming. They will need to be on alert at all times.
  • Another challenge: play with two balloons. Each team will serve a balloon at the same time. If one balloon goes dead," play does not stop until the other balloon is dead too.

Consider students suggestions for additional rules or variations.

Set a point or time limit, and play until a team wins or time runs out.


Assess students based on their sportsmanship/teamsmanship. Compliment students for a game well played. or invite them to talk about things they might do different next time to make the game more fun and fair.

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted By

Gary Hopkins

National Standards

NPH.K-12.3 Physical Activity
NPH.K-12.5 Responsible Behavior
NPH.K-12.6 Respect for Others
NPH.K-12.7 Understanding Challenges

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