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Synonym Match Game


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--Language Arts



Brief Description

Challenge students to find the matching synonyms. Synonym list included.


Students will

  • find the classmate holding a word card that is a synonym for the word card they hold.


synonym, game

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

Preparing for the Lesson

  • Start with a blank index card for each student.
  • Arrange cards into pairs.
  • On each card write one of the synonyms from a synonym pair on the Synonym Word Lists (see word list links in Materials Needed section).

    Hand out to each student a card with a synonym written on it. When you give the begin" signal, students will roam the classroom in search of the classmate who is holding the word card that has on it a synonym for the word card they are holding. How long does it take all students to find their synonym matches?

    For additional practice, play additional rounds of the game. There are plenty of synonyms on the Synonym Word Lists to create new sets of synonym cards for each round.

    Synonym Word Lists
    These two lists have dozens of synonym pairs that you can use to create word cards for the Synonym Match Game.
    Synonym Word List: Easy
    Synonym Word List: Advanced
    Or you might use your own synonym lists.

    Extend the Lesson
    Use the synonym word cards to create a Synonym Concentration game. Arrange 30 word cards (15 synonym pairs) blank side up in a 5-cards-across x 6-cards-down pattern/grid. Have Player 1 turn over two cards. If the cards reveal a pair of synonyms, the player keeps the two cards and plays again. If the cards are not a synonym match, all players should take note to remember where those cards are in the pattern/grid, turn them back over, and let Player 2 take a turn at revealing a matched pair of synonym cards. The game continues in this way. The winner is the player with the most cards when all matches have been made.


    Assess students based on their understanding of synonyms and their ability to match them in the game format of this lesson. Additionally, you might use the Synonym Word Lists to create an activity in which students match words in the left column with their synonyms in the right column.

    Lesson Plan Source

    Submitted By

    Gary Hopkins

    National Standards

    LANGUAGE ARTS: English
    GRADES K - 12
    NL-ENG.K-12.2 Reading for Understanding
    NL-ENG.K-12.3 Evaluation Strategies
    NL-ENG.K-12.5 Communication Strategies
    NL-ENG.K-12.6 Applying Knowledge
    NL-ENG.K-12.12 Applying Language Skills

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