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Lesson Objective: To answer questions based on a bar graph
Students will develop their inferential thinking skills. They will learn to analyze and draw conclusions from visuals, such as images, graphs, and...
Use these resources to teach students about the gift of the senses and how they work.
Lesson Objective: To write a narrative on a star’s name including details on why that name was chosen
Build grammar skills using this Every-Day Edits: Aquarius activity and answer key for an article about this astrological sign.
Students will learn about the principles of simple machines, cause and effect, and problem-solving by designing and building their own Rube Goldberg...
Teaching Students to Tell Time Ready-to-Use FREE Resource PLUS More Fun Classroom Activities!
Lesson Objective: To learn about stars and then answer questions about them
Students will develop map-reading skills and critical thinking as they explore the interactive tribal maps and appreciate the cultural diversity and...
Pennies can be used for everything from teaching probability to challenging students creativity.