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Tenement Tour

DIRECTIONS: Search these sites to find the answers to the questions below.
Lower East Side Tenement Museum

A Tenement Story

  1. What year was the building at 97 Orchard Street completed? ________

  2. How many apartments were in the building? _________

  3. The "old" law of 1867 required tenements to have one toilet for how many people? ________

  4. About how many people lived at 97 Orchard Street in the 71 years it was open? _________

  5. Where did the Rogarshevsky family emigrate from? _____________

  6. What was the Confino family's religion? ___________________

  7. About how much did it cost to build 97 Orchard Street? ______________

  8. In what year did the building close? __________

  9. How much money did a dressmaker make in the 1870s? ___________

  10. How many Europeans were allowed to immigrate to the United States after 1924? _______________

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