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When Does the Bus Get There?

DIRECTIONS: Study the bus schedule for the bus called the Heartland Express. You can find and print out that schedule on the Internet at Use the schedule to answer the questions below.

1. At what time in the morning does the first bus leave River Hills Mall? ______________

2. What time does that bus return to River Hills Mall? _______________

3. What time does the last bus of the day return to River Hills Mall? _______________

4. On Monday, how many trips does the Heartland Express bus make? _______________

5. What time does the 4:00 bus from River Hills Mall reach K-Mart? _______________

6. Jon works at Wal Mart. He has to be at work by 10:00. He gets on the bus at River Hills Mall. What time does he have to meet the bus so that he will be at work by 10:00? _______________

7. According to the information on the bus schedule, how much did Jon pay when he got on the bus to go to work? _______________

8. Jon gets out of work at 5:00. He gets on the bus at Wal Mart at 5:12. What time will he get to River Hills Mall? _______________

9. If Jon has to work on Saturday, should he follow this schedule -- yes or no? _______________

10. If you got on the bus at River Hills Mall at 4:00, how many minutes would it take to reach the ShopKo/Cubs stop on the route? _______________

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