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Catch a Ferry in Washington!

DIRECTIONS:You'll need to use a map that shows the Washington State Ferry system routes to complete this worksheet. You print out that map from the Internet at

1. A ferry runs from the city of Edmonds to the city of _______________ .

2. You can take a ferry from Port Townsend to ________________ .

3. To travel on the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor, you will have to pass through the city of ________________ .

4. Does the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston travel to the west or to the east? _______________

5. Does the ferry from Pt. Defiance to Tahlequah travel to the north or to the south? ________________

6. Which city is farther north -- Port Townsend or Clinton? _______________

7. Which ferry trip is longer -- the trip from Seattle to Bainbridge Island or the trip from Seattle to Bremerton? ________________

8. Which city on the map does not have ferry service -- Mukilteo or Tacoma? _______________

9. Which city on the map is closer to Seattle -- Vashon or Keystone? _______________

10. Ferries run from Fauntleroy to Vashon and from Fauntleroy to ________________ .

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