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How Many Kids Are In School This Year?

This chart shows how many kids
across the United States
are heading back to school
this month. It also shows
the enrollments for
U.S. schools in past years.
199752 million students
5 years ago48 million students
10 years ago45 million students
15 years ago45 million students
20 years ago49 million students
25 years ago51 million students

Use the chart above to help you answer the following questions.

  1. How many students are going to school in the United States this year?

  2. How long ago was it when there were 48 million students in U.S. schools?

  3. How many students were in U.S. schools 25 years ago?

  4. Are there more or fewer students in school in 1997 than there were five years ago?

  5. Were there more students in U.S. schools 15 years ago or 20 years ago?


How many more students are in school this year than were in school 25 years ago? Tell how you got your answer.

Data Source: Digest of Education Statistics 1996. All numbers rounded. Beginning in the fall of 1980, data include an expanded universe of private schools. 1997 data projected. Copyright 1997 by Education World. Permission is granted to teachers to reproduce this skill page for classroom use.