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A Revolutionary War Scavenger Hunt

Use the The Road to Revolution Web site ( to complete the questions below.

1. A monument to Benedict Arnold' s _______________can be found at the Saratoga National Historic Park.

2. King George III punished the colonists for the Boston Tea Party by _____________________.

3. The Freedom Trail, a walking tour of 16 historic sites in Boston and Charlestown, is __________ miles long.

4. The main author of the Declaration of Independence was probably _________________________.

5. _________________________ wrote Poor Richard's Almanack.

6. German soldiers who fought with the British against the colonists were called _______________.

7. About _______________ percent of Americans were actively loyal to the British king during the Revolutionary War.

8. Mercy Otis Warren was a noted _______________ during the Revolutionary War.

9. At the time of the Revolutionary War, more than nine of ten Americans lived and worked on _______________.

10. At the British surrender at Yorktown, the British band was specifically forbidden to play the song ________________.

11. At the time of the American Revolution, _______________ claimed almost all the land west of the Mississippi River.

12. The __________________________ was enacted on December 15, 1791.

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