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Read an OLYMPIC GAMES Schedule

DIRECTIONS: Use the Nagano Olympic Winter Games Schedule from the CNN/Sports Illustrated Web site to answer each of the questions below.

1. On which date is the first figure skating event being held? ____________

2. Are ski jumping events being held on two days or three days? _________

3. Which starts first --- the slalom or the downhill skiing competitions? __________________________

4. On how many days are curling events being held? __________________

5. Is there a bobsled event being held on February 13th? _______________

6. Ice hockey games are being played every day except for one. On which date is there no ice hockey game? _____________________

7. When is the last figure skating event being held? _________

8. Which events are being held first --- the luge or the bobsled events? ________

9. On which date is the last snowboarding event being held? ____________

10. Which event finishes competition on February 17th? ________________

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