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Read a Nagano Road Map

DIRECTIONS: Use the Nagano road map found on the Internet at to help you answer the questions below. The map shows some of the roads and highways in Nagano Prefecture in Japan, which is home to the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. (NOTE: "R158" on the map is a short way of saying "Route 158.")

1. Which route passes through the city of Iida -- Route 19 or Route 153? ________________

2. Which expressway passes closest to the city of Nagano -- the Chun Expressway or the Nagano Expressway? _____________

3. Does Route 158 run from east to west or from north to south? ___________ to ______________

4. Which Route might you take to get from Matsumoto to Nagano -- Route 18 or Route 19? ___________________

5. To travel from Iida to Matsumoto, would you travel to the north or to the south? ___________________

6. Does Route 41 connect to Route 19 or Route 20? _______

7. Which expressway passes by the city of Matsumoto? ______________________________

8. If you are traveling on Route 148, are you in the northern part or the southern part of Nagano Prefecture? ________________

9. Is Route 147 east or west of Nagano City? ____________

10. Which city on the map does the Chun Expressway pass through? _____________

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