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Medal Math

DIRECTIONS: Solve the problems below.

1. Four ski jumpers (Hans, Syd, Boris, and Peter) made two jumps each. Read the results of each jump below. Total the two jumps for each jumper.
Which jumper won the gold medal? ______________ Which ski jumper won the silver medal? ____________ Which ski jumper won the bronze medal? _______________

First Jump99 meters106 meters101 meters98 meters
Second Jump103 meters101 meters100 meters105 meters

2. The chart below shows figure skating scores for three skaters. The scores come from six judges. The rules say that each skater's highest score and lowest score get thrown out. The other four scores are added together to get each skater's final total. Figure out the final score for each skater below.
Which skater won the gold medal? _________Which skater won the silver medal? ___________ Which skater won the bronze medal? ___________

Judge 1Judge 2Judge 3Judge 4Judge 5Judge 6

3. The chart below shows the winning times for the women's downhill skiing event in the last five Winter Olympic Games.
Which skier had the fastest time? ___________________________________ By how many seconds did she beat the next next fastest skier? ___________

YearSkier CountryTime (in minutes: seconds, rounded off)
1994Katja SiezingerGermany1:36
1992Kerrin Lee-GartnerCanada1:53
1988Marina KiehlW. Germany1:26
1984Michela FijiniSwitzerland1:13
1980Annemarie MoserAustria1:38

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