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Math Word Problems: Olympic Medals

DIRECTIONS: Use the 1994 Lillihammer Medal Results on the Internet at to solve the word problems below.

1. At the 1994 Winter Olympic Games (in Lillihammer, Norway), the United States won 6 gold medals. How many more gold medals did the team from Norway win? ___________________

2. How many gold, silver, and bronze medals did the U.S. team win in all? _________

3. How many medals did the team from Russia win in all? ________

4. Which team won more medals --- the team from Sweden or the team from Japan? __________

5. Norway won more silver medals than the team from Germany won. How many more silver did Norway win? __________

6. How many gold medals did the top five teams on the chart win all together? _________

7. Germany and Italy won the same number of bronze medals. How many bronze medals did the two teams win all together? _______

8. Which team won the same number of total medals as the U.S. team won? ________________________

9. How many teams on the chart won 20 medals or more? ________

10. Italy won more total medals than the United States did. How many more medals did Italy win? ____________

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