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Tribe Names and Their Meanings

DIRECTIONS: Use library resources or the "This Week in American History" Web site at (scroll way down the page for a long list of Native American tribe names) to match each American Indian tribe name with its special meaning. Draw a line from the tribe name to its supposed translation. Find as many matches as you can.

1. Pequotaa. wolf
2. Moheganb. eastern people
3. Pimac. great hill people
4. Narragansettd. fox people (or destroyers)
5. Apachee. enemy
6. Cheyennef. river people
7. Penobscotg. peaceful ones
8. Hopih. it forks on the white rocks
9. Winnebagoi. cave people
10. Menomineej. people of the small point
11. Paugussetk. filthy water people
12. Cherokeel. he stands about
13. Senecam. red talkers
14. Wampanoagn. where the narrow opens out
15. Kickapooo. wild rice men
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