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Where Do Native Americans Live?

DIRECTIONS: To complete this activity, use the printed U.S. population map provided, or locate the map on the Internet at The map shows each county in the United States. It indicates the percentage of people in each county who are Native American (American Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut). Then read each statement below that describes the map. Write T on the line if the statement is true. Write F if it is false.

____ 1. The dark green colors on the map show places where Native American people make up a significant percentage of the population.
____ 2. From the map, it looks like more Native American people live in Alabama than in Alaska.
____ 3. More Native Americans live east of the Mississippi River than live west of the river.
____ 4. Only three counties in New York have Native American populations of 1 percent or more.
____ 5. The state of Indiana has a small Native American population.
____ 6. North Dakota has more counties where Native Americans make up 60 percent or more of the population than South Dakota has.
____ 7. Most counties in the state of Arizona have a Native American population of at least 5 percent.
____ 8. All counties in Oklahoma have Native American populations of at least 1 percent.
____ 9. From the map, it looks as though more Native Americans live in northern parts of Michigan than in southern parts of the state.
____10. In Maine, the largest Native American population seems to be in a county that borders Canada.

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