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Mississippi River Scavenger Hunt

Name: _______________________

DIRECTIONS: Find the answers to the questions below using Internet and printed resouce materials.

  1. Who was the first European to explore the Mississippi River? __________________________________________________________________

    In what year did he first explore the Mississippi? __________________________

  2. About how long is the Mississippi River? ________________________________

  3. Where does the Upper Mississippi River begin and end? __________________________________________________________________

    Where does the Lower Mississippi begin and end? __________________________________________________________________

  4. How many people in the United States rely on the Mississippi River and its tributaries for drinking water? _________________________________________

  5. How did the Mississippi River get its name? __________________________________________________________________

    What does the name mean? ___________________________________________

  6. What famous document made most of the area along the Mississippi the property of the United States? ________________________________________________

  7. What is the "Mississippi flyway"? _________________________________________________________________

  8. How many states does the Mississippi River flow through? __________________

    What are those states? _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

  9. What are the Mississippi headwaters? ___________________________________

  10. What famous Delta Blues musician gets his name from the lower portion of the Mississippi River? __________________________________________________

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