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Big Trees

The chart below lists some common trees throughout the United States. Use the Web resource below to learn how large the biggest of each of those trees is. Fill in the missing information on the chart. Then use the chart to answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

Web Resource: National Register of Big Trees

Apple (Common) VA - Virginia 105 inches   38 feet
Douglas Fir (Coast) CA - California   301 feet 65 feet
Magnolia (Southern) AL - Alabama 208 inches 90 feet  
Maple (Red) TN - Tennessee   141 feet 88 feet
Mountain-ash (American)   107 inches 25 feet 38 feet
Oak (White) VA - Virginia   86 feet  
Orange (Orange)   61 inches   31 feet
Sequoia (Giant) CA - California     107 feet
Sweetleaf VA - Virginia   60 feet  
Walnut (Black)     112 feet 144 feet

Now use the completed chart to answer the following questions:

1. Which tree on the chart is tallest? __________________________

2. Which tree is biggest around its trunk (circumference)? ________________________

3. Which tree's leaves (canopy) have the largest spread? __________________

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