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Everybody Is a Winner in the Iditarod

The Iditarod is a long and difficult race. Anybody who completes the race is a winner! The last musher to finish the race is awarded a special prize, the Red Lantern Award.
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Directions: Use the sources below to complete each sentence at the bottom of the page. Color in the circle beside the word(s) or number that best completes each sentence.

Iditarod Champions

Red Lantern Winners

1. The winner of the first Iditarod race in 1973 was _______.
O a. Dick Wilmarth O b. John Schultz O c. Carl Huntington
2. Musher Joe May won the Iditarod in _______.
O a. 1980 O b. 1990 O c. 2000
3. Libby Riddles was the first woman to win the race. She won the Iditarod in _______.
O a. 1985 O b. 1986 O c. 1987
4. All totaled, Susan Butcher won _______ Iditarod races.
O a. two O b. three O c. four
5. Rick Swenson won five Iditarods. His best winning time was _______.
O a. 15 days, 10 hours O b. 12 days, 8 hours O c. 9 days, 5 hours
6. Doug Swingley won four Iditarods. He turned in his fastest time in _______.
O a. 1995 O b. 2000 O c. 2001
7. Karen Ramstead won the Red Lantern Award in _______.
O a. 2000 O b. 2001 O c. 2002
THINK ABOUT IT! (Worth 3 points!)
In all Iditarod history, _______ of the Red Lantern Award winners took more than 3 weeks to complete the race.
O a. ten O b. twelve O c. thirteen

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