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Secret Agent Stan

Directions: Answer the questions by using Stan's log. Then copy your responses from the boxes in order to reveal Stan's new handle (identification number).
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1. How long did the subject visit Latta Java?    _____ minutes
2. How long did the subject stay at Cupid's Department Store?
_____ hours and   _____ minutes
3. How many morning hours did Stan spend on surveillance?    hours
4. What is the sum of Stan's time on surveillance?
_____   hours and   _____ minutes
5. What is the total of Stan's breakfast expenses?   $_____._____  
6. What is the total of Stan's lunch expenses?   $_____   ._____ _____
7. How much money in total did Stan spend at the parking garage and in the department store?   $_____.   _____
8. What is the total of Stan's recorded expenses for the day?
$_____   ._____  
Using Stan's clues, how would you explain this subject's activities on this day? What was his plan? What role was played by each person the subject met and each place that he visited? Write your answer on the back of this page.

Stan's Identification Number:_______________

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