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Cherry Blossom Time!

DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions about the cherry trees of Washington, D.C.

  1. Who first suggested planting cherry trees along the Potomac waterfront?

  2. Which city gave cherry trees to Washington, D.C., as a gift?

  3. Why did the Department of Agriculture destroy the first 2,000 cherry trees sent from Japan?

  4. Which kind of cherry tree variety is most common among Washington's cherry trees? How many of the trees are this variety?

  5. When can horticulturists accurately predict the peak time for the blooming cherry trees? What affects the peak bloom?

  6. What are the stages of bud development in cherry trees? Draw and label each stage in order. (Answer this question on the back of your work sheet.)

  7. What other plants are expected to bloom during this year's National Cherry Festival?

  8. Which memorial that was dedicated in 1997 is located along Cherry Tree Walk?

  9. Which tasks are regularly performed by the National Park Service to care for the cherry trees?

  10. How can citizens support the care of the cherry trees and other historic trees in Washington? What is the cost of the purchase, planting, and care of one tree?

Bonus Question!
Now you be the horticulturist! Using bloom records and current weather information, make a prediction about when you think the cherry blossoms will reach peak bloom this year.

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