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Space Shuttle Scavenger Hunt

Use print and/or online resources about the International Space Station (ISS) to answer the questions below.

NAME: _________________________________________________________________

1. In what year was the first space shuttle launched? __________________

2. Who was the first U.S. woman in space? __________________________

3. What happens during stage 5 of a shuttle flight? __________________________________________________________

4. About how much does a space shuttle weigh at liftoff? ______________

5. What are the names of space shuttle orbiters? ___________________________________________________________

6. How many parts does a space shuttle have? ______________________

7. What fuels a shuttle's main engines? ___________________________

8. What low and high temperatures does a space shuttle have to withstand? ___________________________________________________________

9. What two products used by children resulted from the space program? ___________________________________________________________

10. How long does astronaut basic training take? ______________________

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