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The phrases and sentences below give clues for common words that are also the names of real cities in the United States! Read each clue carefully. Use the clue to figure out each city's name. Write the name on the line next to the state for each city. The first one has been done for you.


  1. money, money, money!        Cash  , Virginia

  2. a breakfast meat cooked in strips      ____________________, Georgia

  3. another word for kind      ____________________, California

  4. a huge animal that is now extinct      ____________________, Colorado

  5. how sugar tastes     ____________________, Idaho

  6. pasta in narrow, ribbon-like strips      ____________________, Texas

  7. ghost sounds      ____________________, Illinois

  8. to make self-conscious      ____________________, Wisconsin

  9. a mountain that erupts hot lava      ____________________, California

  10. utensils that go with knives and spoons      ____________________, Washington

  11. opposite of brothers      ____________________, Oregon

  12. a short word for scream      ____________________, Arkansas

  13. a storm with strong winds and heavy rain      ____________________, Utah

  14. another word for strange      ____________________, West Virginia

  15. to move in a winding manner      ____________________, Oregon

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