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The sentences below give clues about states in the United States. Read each clue and figure out the name of the state. Write the state name on the line. The first one is done for you.


  1. This is the 50th state. It lies in the Pacific Ocean. ___Hawaii____________________

  2. This is the only state named for a U.S. president. Seattle is this state's largest city. ___________________________________

  3. The city of Hershey, famous for a chocolate company of the same name, is in this state. Steel is also produced in this state. ___________________________________

  4. The name of this state is part of the name of the state capital. It's the smallest southwestern state. ___________________________________

  5. Davenport is one of the largest cities in this state. "Hawkeye State" is this state's nickname. ___________________________________

  6. The gold rush of 1849 took place in this state. Death Valley is in this state. ___________________________________

  7. This is the 49th state. Part of this state is close to Russia. ___________________________________

  8. The Rio Grande is a river in this state. Albuquerque is the most populated city in this state. ___________________________________

  9. This state produces the most milk and cheese in the United States. Two of the Great Lakes border this state. ___________________________________

  10. This state has the largest shopping mall in the United States. The Mississippi River starts as a stream flowing out of a lake in this state. ___________________________________

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