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Directions: Study Partial List of African American Inventors ( to learn about inventions created by African Americans. Use the information to help you decide whether each statement below is true or false. Circle true if the statement is true. Circle false if the statement is false.


A variation of the fire extinguisher was invented in 1872. True      False     
Elijah McCoy invented the traffic signal. True      False     
The railway signal was invented after 1900. True      False     
Granville Woods developed five of the inventions on the list. True      False     
Robert Rillieux developed a process for refining corn. True      False     
J. L. Love invented a device you might have in your classroom. True      False     
Henry Blair invented two devices that might have been used on a farm. True      False     
The lawn mower was invented before the umbrella stand. True      False     
The ironing board was invented by an African American woman. True      False     
The fountain pen was invented by W. B. Purvis. True      False     


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