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Dictionary Entries

DIRECTIONS: Use the dictionary page to complete this work sheet. Read each question below. Write the answer on the lines under each question.

1. The main entry words on this dictionary page appear in bold type. The entry words jut out a bit out from the meanings of the words. The entry words are listed in ABC order on the page. How many main entry words do you count on this page? ___________________

2. On this dictionary page, the syllable breaks in the main entry words are shown with small dots. How many main entry words on this page have two syllables? ______________

Which main entry word has four syllables? ____________________________

Which main entry words have three syllables? _________________________


3. All the words on this page begin with the letter c. Do they begin with the hard sound of c that you hear in the letter k or the soft c sound that you hear in the letter s? _______________

4. The entries on this dictionary page tell the part of speech, such as noun, verb, adjective, or adverb, for each definition of the word. Which words on the page can be used as both nouns and verbs?


Which word on the page can be used as both an adjective and an adverb?


5. Homonyms or homophones are words that sound alike but have different spellings. Two of the words on this page are homophones. Which two words on the page are the homophones?


6. Related words and word forms appear at the end of many definitions. For example, coughing and coughed are forms of the word cough. What are the word forms for the word counteract?


7. Sometimes definitions include sentences that provide examples of words used in context. Find each of the words below on this dictionary page. Copy a sentence from the page that shows each word used in context.

counsel (verb) ___________________________________________________

counter (adjective) _______________________________________________

count (noun) ____________________________________________________

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