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Godzilla Math!

DIRECTIONS: Figure the answer to each math word problem below and write the answer on the line. Use the back side of this sheet to figure each answer.

  1. The movie Godzilla took in $55 million at the box office last weekend. The record for the most money taken in during an opening weekend is held by the movie Jurassic Park: The Lost World. The Lost World took in $90 million in its first weekend. How much money in all did those two movies take in during their first weekends? ________________

  2. How much more money did The Lost World earn in its first weekend than Godzilla earned? __________

  3. The first Godzilla movie was made by moviemakers in Japan. The movie opened in theaters in 1954. How many years ago was that? __________

  4. How tall is Godzilla? Before the movie opened, some ads for the movie were claiming "He's taller than the Statue of Liberty!" (which is 305 feet, 1 inch from the foundation of its pedestal to its torch). Other ads claimed "He's twice as long as a 747 jet!" If a 747 (model 400) jet is 231 feet, 4 inches long, how long would Godzilla be if it is exactly twice that long? _______________

  5. It's been reported that the movie Titanic cost about $200 million to make. Reports say Godzilla cost about $120 million to make. How much more did it cost to make Titanic? __________

  6. In Godzilla, New York City Mayor Ebert loves eating chocolate! If each of the mini candy bars in the bag of candy has 46 calories, how many calories would Mayor Ebert take in if he had a snack of three of the little candy bars? _____

  7. One of New York City's most famous skyscrapers, the Chrysler building, is destroyed in the movie by missiles targeted at Godzilla. The Chrysler building opened for business in 1930. How many years did the building stand before missiles took it out (in the movie) in 1998? __________

  8. In the movie, the military announces that it will bomb the reptile nesting site in 6 minutes. The attack happened at 10:10 p.m. So, at what time was the announcement made? __________

  9. Gumballs play a small but important role in the movie. A huge gumball machine is destroyed. There must have been 1,000 gumballs in the machine. If each gumball costs a quarter, how much were those 1,000 gumballs worth? _____

  10. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is another victim of Godzilla's rage. When it was built, that bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world! Workers began building the Brooklyn Bridge in the year 1869. Work was completed in 1883. How many years did it take to build the bridge? ___________ BONUS!
    In the movie, scientist Dr. Niko Tatopolous worries about the huge reptiles' ability to multiply so quickly. He estimates that Godzilla's 200 hatchlings could become 40,000 within a year! At that rate, how many Godzillas would be around in two years?

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