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Concentration and Death Camps: Read the Chart

DIRECTIONS: Use the chart to complete the activity below. Circle the word or number that best completes each statement.

1. The camp where the most people were murdered was located in _____.
Germany     Netherlands     Poland
2. The camp known as Bergen-Belsen was located near the German city of _____.
Hamburg     Hanover     Munich
3. More than 500,00 people were killed at _____.
Belzec     Dachau     Treblinka
4. Of the murders on the chart, about _____ were committed in Poland.
320,000     1,280,000     2,445,000
5. There were fewer murders at ___ than there were at Stutthof.
Auschwitz     Bergen-Belsen     Mauthausen
6. The camp called _____ was the first camp on the chart to be established.
Belzec     Chelmno     Dachau
7. _____ is the camp located nearest to Warsaw, Poland.
Auschwitz     Majdanek     Treblinka
8. We don't know how many people were murdered at _____.
Bergen-Belsen     Stutthof     Westerbork

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