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Fantasy Farm

DIRECTIONS: Farming takes more than rich soil and an occasional rain shower -- it takes planning! One resource used by farmers since 1792 is The Old Farmer's Almanac. Visit its Web site to see what the almanac can tell you about gardening where you live, and put together a plan for your own virtual farm. Then use the National Geographic site to find other cities that share your planting schedule. (The Planting Table and National Geographic Xpeditions Maps)

  1. What is the name of your farm?

  2. How many acres of ground are used for crops on your farm?

  3. Find your location on the map. Which color covers your area?

  4. Using the Fantasy Farm Work Sheet provided with this activity, select ten crops to grow and list them in the table. Follow the "Moon Favorable" planting dates in your area, and record the dates when you should plant your crops. Next, fill in the number of acres of ground you would plant of each type.

  5. Recheck your work by adding the number of acres of each crop that you would plant. Does that total match the number of crop acres in question 2?

  6. How many crops that you selected are considered early? Which ones?

  7. How many late crops did you choose? What are their names?

  8. Which crops that you would like to plant are aboveground crops?

  9. Go to the National Geographic site, and list on the back of this sheet three major cities that also follow your planting schedule.
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