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Photosynthesis: Why Leaves Change Color

DIRECTIONS: Read "Why Leaves Change Color" on the Internet at Then read each statement below. Write T on the line next to each true statement. Write F on the line next to each false statement.

  1. _____ Both the length of night and changing temperatures affect autumn leaf color.

  2. _____ Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color.

  3. _____ Carotenoids give corn and carrots their colors.

  4. _____ Leaves of many trees contain both chlorophyll and carotenoids.

  5. _____ Leaves produce more chlorophyll as autumn days pass.

  6. _____ Oak trees' leaves are usually among the first to change color.

  7. _____ The best weather conditions for great fall colors include cool days and freezing nights.

  8. _____ The needles of an evergreen tree survive for years partly because they are covered with a heavy wax coating.

  9. _____ Evergreen needles fall off from old age.

  10. _____ The fluid the leaves of many trees is a thin watery sap that freezes.

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