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What Do You Know?

  1. A _______________ is a distance of about four kilometers.

  2. _______________ was the first sailor to keep a detailed log of his voyages.

  3. _______________ established the first Spanish settlement in Puerto Rico.

  4. The _______________ Act granted citizenship to American Indians in 1924.

  5. A _______________ is a long, shallow ship with lateen sails.

  6. _______________ was the first European to set foot on American soil.

  7. _______________, the distance from the equator, can be determined by the position of the North Star.

  8. _______________ founded Montreal's first hospital in 1643.

  9. Navigators use _______________ navigation (observing the Sun, the Moon and the stars) to measure latitude.

  10. The _______________, the first ship to circumnavigate the globe, completed the voyage in 1522.

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