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What Are the Issues?

DIRECTIONS: During a campaign, candidates talk about their stands on issues, or problems, people are facing. Sometimes candidates have similar positions on issues; other times they have very different ideas about how to solve a problem. Voters consider the candidates' positions on issues when deciding which candidate to vote for. Choose an issue, and research your candidate's position on the issue. Then fill in the chart below. Work with another student who will research the same issue for the other candidate and fill in the other column on the chart.

Student Names ______________________________ _________________________________

Issue: ________________________________________________________

Key Issues
Some of this year's key issues include

Use library or Internet resources to learn about where your candidate stands on the issue be sure to check out the candidate's Web page as well as local news sources. The following national resources might be helpful to you too:

Candidate's Name:                            Candidate's Name:

Candidate's Position:                        Candidate's Position:

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