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Learn About the Candidates

DIRECTIONS: Choose one of the following WebQuest activities. Each activity will help you and your classmates learn about the candidates. Learning about the candidates will help you make a wise choice on Election Day when you are asked, Which candidate would you vote for?

Activity 1: This Is Your Life!
Learn as much as you can about your candidate's life and background. Create a biography of at least 12 pages that highlights important events in his life. Include a variety of photographs of the candidate. Leave two unfinished pages for each week left of the campaign. Write a weekly update to share during the weekly press conference.

Activity 2: On the Trail!
Track the travels of your candidate in daily news stories. Record each stop in the campaign trail in a journal. Include details about events at that stop. Create a weekly timeline to share at the press conference. Use pushpins (a different color for each candidate) to mark on a wall map where your candidate has been.


Activity 3: A Funny Thing Happened!
Create a scrapbook of campaign-related editorial cartoons collected from online and print sources. Paste each cartoon onto a separate scrapbook page. Write a brief paragraph on the page to explain the point being made by the editorial cartoonist. Select the best cartoon of the week to share and discuss at the press conference.


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