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The Cheetah: True or False?

DIRECTIONS:Read the Cheetah Spot Web site, found on the Internet at
Read the parts about the cheetah's appearance, speed, food, social habits, history, and the danger of its extinction. Then read each statement below. Write a T on the line if the statement tells something True about cheetahs. Write F if the statement tells something False.

  1. _____ The word "cheetah" comes from a Hindi word that means "spotted one."

  2. _____ A cheetah has 4 to 6 black rings near the end of its tail.

  3. _____ Female cheetahs are larger than males.

  4. _____ A cheetah's tail is 40 inches long.

  5. _____ Cheetahs hunt at night.

  6. _____ A cheetah can reach a top speed of 71 miles per hour.

  7. _____ Cheetahs have lived on Earth for about 4 million years.

  8. _____ The male cheetah helps to raise its cubs.

  9. _____ Male cheetahs usually live in small groups of two or three.

  10. _____ Today, there are about 50 thousand cheetahs in the world.

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