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Dream Job!

DIRECTIONS: Have you ever thought about what your dream job would be? What would you do? Where would you work? Here is your opportunity to create a job that is just right for you. Visit the Web sites, and do some research about jobs you think you might like. Think about your skills and interests, and answer the questions below. When you finish, turn your responses into an ad that will search for the perfect employee -- you!

  1. What activities do you like to do? Are they done mostly indoors or outdoors?

  2. What are your favorite school subjects and activities?

  3. Do you enjoy working on projects alone or with a large group?

  4. List a few tasks that you do well.

  5. What job holds the most interest for you at this time? What have you learned about it through your research?

  6. Where do you want to live when you enter the workforce?

  7. For what kind of organization would you most like to work?

Now, turn your responses into a classified ad like those you saw on the Web sites. Be sure to include the name of the employer, the location of the position, the salary, the responsibilities, and qualifications for the successful candidate. Use your imagination, and build your dream job! Write the ad on the back of this paper.

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