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DIRECTIONS: Study The Civil War Home Page: Troop Losses ( to discover the number of Union soldiers from each state who died during the Civil War. Use the information to answer the questions below.

  1. Which state had the most deaths during the Civil War? _____________________

  2. How many people from Iowa died in accidents during the war? ______________

  3. How many residents of California died of disease or accident? _______________

  4. How many people in Pennsylvania died of causes not related to battle? ________

  5. How many more people died in Missouri than in Connecticut? _______________

  6. What percentage of the deaths in Dakota were battle-related? ________________

  7. How many residents of Tennessee did not die of disease? ___________________

  8. About what percentage of generals or their staff who died during the Civil War were killed or mortally wounded? _______

  9. Which state had the most prisoner of war deaths? __________________________

  10. How many U.S. citizens died during the Civil War? ________________________

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