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Celebrate The Century: 1970s Answer Page

  1. The phrase often associated with the smiley face is "Have a nice day!"
  2. Gloria Estefan sang "You Say Hola" on Sesame Street.
  3. Saturday Night Fever was the movie that helped popularize disco.
  4. The Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act were spurred on by the celebration of Earth Day.
  5. Frances Perkins was President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Secretary of Labor.
  6. Jockey Ron Turcotte rode Secretariat to the Triple Crown.
  7. Boeing has built 15 models over the years.
  8. VHS tapes were introduced in 1972.
  9. The MRI machine is shaped like a tunnel or tube.
  10. Pioneer 10 is 6.9 billion miles from Earth.

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