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Celebrate The Century: 1930s Answer Sheet



  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the fifth cousin of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States.
  2. Construction of the Empire State Building was completed in one year, 45 days. It took 7 million man-hours of labor!
  3. Jesse's father gave him the name "J.C." at birth. When the boy went to school, friends called him "Jesse" and the name stuck. Later, they gave him the name John Cleveland. "It's wrong, when J.C. is all I named him," said Jesse's father.
  4. Joseph Baermann Strauss
  5. Today, an accountant earns about $700 a week. During the Depression, an accountant was paid about $45.00 a week.
  6. Atlantic City, New Jersey
  7. The Fort Peck Dam (in Montana), photographed by Margaret Bourke-White, appeared on the first cover of LIFE magazine.
  8. The patent for the pop-up toaster was filed on May 29, 1919, by Charles Strite.
  9. Siegel and Shuster were paid $10 per page.
  10. Eleanor Roosevelt's daily newspaper column was called "My Day."

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