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Celebrate The Century: 1920s Answer Sheet


  1. A "breadboard" radio was a radio mounted on a wooden plank with no cabinet covering its components.
  2. Louis Armstrong learned to play the cornet in the waif's home.
  3. The amendment was introduced 42 years earlier, in 1878.
  4. "Babe" got his name from the Orioles players, who joked about the manager's habit of taking young players with potential under his wing.
  5. The Chrysler Building (NYC), the Empire State Building (NYC), and the Collins Park Hotel (Miami Beach) are the three examples of Art Deco architecture.
  6. Lindbergh flew the airmail route between Chicago and St. Louis, with stops each day in Peoria and in Springfield, Illinois.
  7. Flappers wore their hair short or "bobbed"; they wore makeup (which they might apply in public); and they wore baggy dresses that often exposed their arms as well as their legs from the knee down.
  8. Mead's best-known book was Coming of Age in Samoa.
  9. The news headline on October 25, the morning after Black Thursday, read WORST STOCK CRASH STEMMED BY BANKS.
  10. Edward Hopper painted Drug Store in 1927.

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