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DIRECTIONS: Use the following resources of the Census Bureau's Web site to answer a few questions about our 50 states. State Population Rankings Doctors Per 100,000 Population Resident Population, Under 18

1. Go to State Population Rankings and answer the following questions. Notice that the number of people is given in thousands. (In other words, a state that is home to 1,500 thousands of people, is really home to 1,500,000 people.)

Which state had the most residents in the year 2000? _____________________

How many people lived in that state in 2000? ____________________

Which state had the least number of residents in 2000? _____________________

How many people lived in that state in 2000? _____________________

2. Read the chart about Doctors Per 100,000 Population in the states. Look at the data from 1998. Fill in the table below with numbers from the chart and add >, <, or = in the middle column to show the relationship of the numbers.

Doctors in State One    Correct sign:
>, <, or =
Doctors in State Two    
California ______________
Florida ______________
Pennsylvania ______________
Alaska ______________
Delaware ______________
Michigan ______________
Illinois ______________
Arkansas ______________
Hawaii ______________
Ohio ______________

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