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Pets on Parade

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DIRECTIONS: Do you know what a census is? It is a counting of every member of a group. Today you are going to learn about our national census and take a poll of your own.

1. Every ten years, our government takes a national census. The Census Bureau asks people questions about who they are and where they live. The first column of the chart below shows some questions from the census form. You might also want to look at the Census 2000 form, which is posted on the Census Bureau Web site.

United States Census Questions
Census 2000 Informational Short Form Questionnaire
Pet Census Questions
1. How many people are living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home? 
Please answer the following questions for each person living in your home:

1. What is the person's name?

2. Is the person male or female? 
3. What is the person's age? 
4. What is the person's race? 

2. Imagine that you are creating a census about pets in the United States. How can you change the questions in the chart to make them match your pet census? Write the new questions in the Pet Census Questions column.

3. Ask other members of your class to answer your questions. Write the names of those class members at the top of the chart. Record their answers to the questions by marking them in the boxes of your pet census chart.


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