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Black History 101

DIRECTIONS: Read each clue. Each clue tells about a famous black American on the list below. Use the list to connect to a short biography of each person. On the line next to each clue, write the name of the person that the clue tells about.

  1. _____________________ This person started a school in Alabama where black children could learn skills such as shoemaking and farming.

  2. _____________________ This person started a newspaper called "The North Star."

  3. _____________________ This person refused to give up a seat on the bus. That led to a 382-day bus boycott by black people in Montgomery, Alabama.

  4. _____________________ When this person was just a few weeks old, he and his mother were kidnapped. His mother was sold into slavery.

  5. _____________________ Because this person led so many slaves to freedom, he or she was sometimes called by the nickname Moses.

  6. _____________________ This person was a doctor who spent two years working with poor people in Africa before she went on to become famous.

  7. _____________________ One of 13 children, this person's birthname was Isabella Baumfree.

  8. _____________________ The president named this person to be the first black to hold a seat on the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land.

  9. _____________________ In 1962, this person became the first black player inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  10. _____________________ This person's performance at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games made him famous.

Jackie Robinson
Mae Jemison
Harriet Tubman
Sojourner Truth
Booker T. Washington
Rosa Parks
Jesse Owens
Thurgood Marshall
George Washington Carver
Frederick Douglass

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