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Apple-Pie Order

DIRECTIONS:Read the list of apple varieties in the box. Then write the apple names in ABC order on the lines below.


Red Delicious          Golden Delicious          McIntosh          Ida Red          Paula Red
Rome          Northern Spy          Winesap          Jonathan          Cortland

  1. _________________________

  2. _________________________

  3. _________________________

  4. _________________________

  5. _________________________

  6. _________________________

  7. _________________________

  8. _________________________

  9. _________________________

  10. _________________________

Now, visit the Michigan Apples Web site and read about all the apples above. Learn which apples are good for baking and eating. Draw a pie next to each apple in the list that is good for baking. Draw a smile next to each apple that is good for eating straight from the tree. Put a star next to your favorite apple.

Then go to the Apples General Information and Links Web site. Click on the name of each apple above to learn what color it is. Draw an apple next to each apple name and use crayons or markers to color the apple the correct color or colors.

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