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Character Education Lesson Objective: To identify ways to show compassion to others using Teaching Compassion with Angelo
Lesson Objectives: To have students understand the impact of genetics on sporting performance. To have students consider the impact of 'genetic...
Lesson Objective: To read the book, Home at Last: A Song of Migration, and then answer questions about the book.
Ready to use Science Lesson. Learning Objective: To learn the 8 phases of the moon cycle
Writing can be a challenge for anyone. This lesson is meant to help show that writing can be a fun and exciting experience for everyone.
Recent findings concerning the gravitational interaction of three dead stars could poke holes in Einstein’s famous theory.
Learning Objective: Helping your students build confidence in reading and spelling common sight words.
Ready to Use Lesson Plan! Lesson Objective: To compare the length of two objects
Ready to Use Lesson Plan! Lesson Objective: To write an informational piece about how frogs hibernate
The Cold War was a war between the United States and Russia without guns, without fire, without chemicals.