Guess Whos Coming to Our Classroom


Directions: Help solve Miss Terie's "mysteries," by identifying the notable individuals from the statements they have made.
Hint: Underline or highlight important dates, places, and other items in the statements and use them to help you as you locate library books or Internet sites to help you figure out who is coming to your classroom. Write the name of the each classroom visitor on the line before the description.

_________________________ 1. I was born in Corsica in 1769. At school, I was called the "Little Corporal." I became leader of France and left my throne for the last time after a famous battle at Waterloo.

_________________________ 2. I helped to start the American Red Cross. While many think of me as a nurse, my true skill was in gathering and passing out supplies to people in need. President Lincoln liked my plan to establish an office in Washington to help find missing soldiers.

_________________________ 3. After I took the job of pastor at a Baptist church in Montgomery, Alabama, I joined the supporters of Rosa Parks. I gave a famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963.

_________________________ 4. I am a former governor of Texas. My father also held the position of president of the United States. I was elected in one of the closest elections in the country's history.

_________________________ 5. I was crowned in 1953 at Westminster Abbey after the death of my father, King George VI. I am the head of the British Navy, Army, and Air Force. I enjoy attending events where horses and their riders race and jump.

_________________________ 6. I took office during hard times in America and shared my ideas about a "New Deal" that would make our country strong again. Polio weakened my legs but not my spirit.

Bonus: Be a mystery guest in Miss Terie's class. Select an individual, read his or her short biography, and write a few statements about the individual's life that do not give away his or her identity. Think about how you might design a costume to help you portray the individual you have chosen.

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