Re: Application for Employment

Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you so much for your application to teach high school biology for the Ace School District. I'm very sorry to hear about the legal troubles that make it impossible for you to ever practice medicine again. I hope that, whatever those troubles are, they will be satisfactorily resolved and will not require you to spend time in our state's rigorous prison system. Keep your chin up and remember that anything can happen in the year it will take your case to come to trial.

Attached you will find a formal application for employment as a teacher in the Ace district. Please bring it with you on Monday and give it to your principal before proceeding to your new classroom. You have been assigned to teach freshman math at Failing Inner City Alternative High. I am sure that your medical and legal experience will be well utilized at this school, where 98 percent of the students are minorities, 95 percent qualify for free lunch, and 16 percent have experience with our state's prison system.

I am confident that, despite your lack of teaching experience, accreditation, and training, you will be an asset to the FICAH community! And don't worry about your "rusty" math skills. Most of the students are working below grade level anyway.

Good luck and have a great year!