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Top 15 Educators on Twitter

Do you Tweet? If not, you should. Twitter has grown from a small niche microblogging site to a truly useful Web resource for educators (and lots of other folks, too). Educators on Twitter join in Twitter chats and parties, share what works for them and discuss everything from education reform to the nitty-gritty of using tech in the classroom.

The amount of information and help being tweeted back and forth is amazing. (Not on Twitter yet, but want to be? Check out this guide to help you get going.)

Did you know that Education World tweets, too? We do, and we love joining in Twitter chats and Twitter parties as well as sharing the best reads for educators on the Net. After spending so much time connecting with other education enthusiasts, we wanted to recognize some of the best educators on Twitter.

The Best of the Best

@rgriffithjr - Rob Griffith is a tech-loving social studies teacher who strives to use technology for more efficient and effective teaching. On Twitter, you will often find Rob sharing what’s worked for him and helping others. And from the looks of it, he’s pretty invested in providing a great learning experience for students. One recent great tweet? “Having to remind students today that when the end is in sight, it is not time to coast, but to finish strong (blog)."

@NMHS_Principal - Eric Sheninger is the principal of New Milford High School in New Jersey who is also an author, a Google Certified Teacher and an ASCD Conference Scholar. On Twitter, he tweets a mix of inspiring quotes, interesting article links and good advice. One recent great tweet? “Effective teachers model expectations, are flexible, take risks, regularly reflect, don't fear failure, and learn from others #satchat (blog)."

@WMChamberlain - William Chamberlain is a teacher and adjunct professor as well as a youth leader and a DEN Star teacher. On Twitter, he is full of insightful ideas, encouraging thoughts and more. It’s clear from his tweets that he not only cares about education but also that it’s delivered in a way that really reaches students. One recent great tweet? “Is 'boring' the f-word of the classroom #justthinkin (blog)?"

@TomWhitby - Tom Whitby is a professor of education and founder of the popular (and totally useful) #EdChat, a Twitter chat that tackles different educational issues and topics. He shares thought-provoking ideas about education. One recent great tweet? “We will always need direct Instruction and lecture, but should they be the staple lessons of modern education #Edchat (blog)?"

@JustinTarte - Dr. Justin Tarte is a junior high school principal who turns to social media for professional development and collaboration. His encouraging tweets reflect an administrator who believes in the power of social media as a personal learning tool. One recent great tweet? “We are continuing to embrace standardized education while our society has eliminated the standardized job @leecrockett#pearson#edchat (blog)."

@WillRich45 - Will Richardson is a former public school educator and the author of three books on topics related to technology in education. He’s an advocate for change in education and embracing all that technology has to offer young learners. One recent great tweet? “I'm stunned by how many educators are willing to embrace the Common Core without even a question as to their efficacy #justsayin (blog)."

@ArneDuncan - Arne Duncan is the U.S. Secretary of Education. He tweets about what he’s up to, interesting education-related articles and news releases and ideas about learning. One recent great tweet? “Learning shouldn't stop in the summer. Looking forward to reading Suzanne Collins' Gregor series with my kids #summerreading (site)."

@Cybraryman1 - Jerry Blumengarten is an educator and writer who is creating an Internet catalog of relevant links for students, teachers, administrators and parents. On Twitter, he is a member of the #edchat team and the originator of  #engsschat. One recent great tweet? “Admins: Never lose sight of the fact of how hard it is to be in the classroom and all that teachers have to deal with. Support #satchat (site)."

@B_Wagoner - Bridgette Wagoner is a director of educational services for Waverly-Shell Rock Schools in Iowa. She offers the administrator's perspective on education. One recent great tweet? “If we can't control what's in a student's head, then we have to engage with what's there. We have to negotiate with their thinking (blog)."

@Kristy_Vincent - Kristy Vincent is a technology integration specialist who works in a K-12 setting. She tweets about technology, learning and what she’s up to. One recent great tweet? “The first year of teaching is tough. You did that; the rest is a walk in the park. #tceatots (site)."

Top 5 Honorable Mentions

@TheOCBlog - Charity Preston
@LizBDavis - Liz Bleich Davis
@ShiftParadigm - Mark E. Weston, Ph.D.
@CoolCatTeacher - Vicki Davis
@JeffEKirby - Jeff Kirby

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Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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