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Electronic Portfolios


A student portfolio is a representative sampling of a student's work designed to highlight the student's best work, demonstrate the student's progress over time, make the work available for evaluation, and/or provide opportunities for the student to reflect on his or her work.

A portfolio can be a hardcopy collection of a student's work -- printed and saved in a folder or 3-ring binder -- or work saved electronically in hyperlinked e-portfolios. E-portfolios offer the advantage of being able to save and display -- in addition to text and graphics -- sound and video files, collaborative online projects, WebQuests, Web links, and more.

Hardcopy portfolios have been used to collect and save student work for quite some time; the use of electronic portfolios, stored on a computer, CD-Rom or the Web, is a relatively recent, but growing, trend in K-12 education.

Learn More About Electronic Portfolios

To learn more about electronic portfolios, read the Education World article:
Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Classroom
The electronic portfolio, already a well-established tool in higher education, is beginning to appear in K-12 classrooms as well. Learn what electronic portfolios are and discover how they can help you and benefit your students. Included: Guidelines for developing personal portfolios.

To learn how to create, and help students create, e-portfolios, explore the Following Education World techtorials:

Using Hyperlinks to Create Student Portfolios
Although hard-copy portfolios have been used to collect and save student work for quite some time; the use of electronic portfolios -- or e-portfolios -- is relatively recent in K-12 education. In this techtorial, you will learn how to help students create a hyperlinked e-portfolio in a single computer class period.

E-Portfolio Fever
An electronic portfolio can be as simple as a Word document or as complex as a multimedia Web page. Most students in grade 3 and above can create simple e-portfolios using a word processing program, HyperStudio, PowerPoint, HTML, pdf, or any other software program. In this techtorial you will learn to create an e-portfolio using Word.