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Education World's Favorite Fall Field Trip Ideas

It's that time of year again! Now's the chance to take the kids out to explore all of the wonderful educational opportunities that the fall season has to offer. Start off the day with a quick classroom lesson to prepare your students for an adventure perfect for the fall season. 

1. Visit a local farm.

Touring an agricultural or livestock farm near you will open students' eyes to learning about where their food comes from, and how much work goes into the farming practice. is a great tool for finding a farm near you, and many will give free tours of the landscape.

2. Apple or Pumpkin Picking.

Visiting an orchard or a pumpkin patch is the best way to get your hands a little dirty. Kids will love frolicking through the apple trees and pumpkin patches in search of a perfect (and delicious) souvenir. Check out EW's list of 8 Classroom Activities With Pumpkins for some more outdoor fun.

3. Tour the town's fire station.

In honor of October being Fire Prevention Month, bringing the kids around the fire station is a great way to get them acquainted with the inner workings of our every-day heroes. Sometimes, they even bring a fire truck to you! You can also enjoy these six activities for celebrating Fire Prevention Month.

4. Community service trip.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, teach kids about the importance of giving back. Volunteer your classroom to cook and serve meals at a soup kitchen, or learn and sing songs with the elderly at a convalescent home. TeenLife Blog has a great list of volunteer opportunities for teenagers.

5. See a children's theater production.

Bring the height of theater season to your classroom, and take the class out to see a performance by a local theater troupe. See if there is a college production in your area, or perhaps venture to see a full stage production at a major theater. Fun fact: watching live theater boosts vocabulary and social skills.

By EducationWorld Staff.