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Technology Required: Internet access, scanner, digital camera, color printer

Grade Level(s): 6, 7, and 8

Subject(s): Science, Botany, Meteorology, and Geography

Duration: 6-8 weeks

Description: In this activity, students will learn about plants native to different areas. They will explore the influences of weather and geography on plants.


  1. Develop projects based on primary source research.
  2. Collaborate with students in other areas.


  1. Plant guides
  2. Maps
  3. Software for graphics, database, presentation, and e-mail


  1. Select an area of specialization, such as trees, grasses and weeds, or flowers.
  2. Complete the initial activities with your own students.
  3. Determine additional regions for study.
  4. Select participants using personal contacts or a Web site such as Global Schoolhouse Foundation, ePals, or Web66.
  5. Develop a survey that will standardize data collection.
  6. Share data with all participants.
  7. After data is gathered and analyzed, schedule one or more chat or instant messenger sessions with participants to discuss what has been learned. Here are some questions to ask:
NOTE: Don't forget to save a copy of any chats or instant messenger sessions. The notes will be useful documentation.

A rubric would be a useful tool in evaluating this type of activity. Consider using a four-point rubric.

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