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If you’re feeling giddy, you are probably not alone. June is busting out all over, and that comes as a relief to exhausted teachers everywhere. When we think about what it means to make the most out of summertime, that doesn’t necessarily translate...
Learning Objective: Students should be able to identify constellations and demonstrate understanding through the classroom activity. 
Lesson Objective: To write a story from the point of view of a redwood tree
By the end of this lesson, your students will understand decimals and their real-world applications, including money, measurements, and data analysis.
By the end of this lesson, your student will be able to explain the theory of continental drift, identify evidence supporting it, and understand its...
Your students will explore women's roles and contributions during the Civil War to understand the significance of women's actions and challenges.
By the end of the lesson, students should understand how the weather is measured, including pressure, temperature, and precipitation. Students should...
Lesson Objective: To identify the purpose and key points in the Declaration of Independence.   
Teaching students to code using fun things like mazes and monsters will help them develop many skills they can use in their lives going forward.
This STEM project will yield a moveable, anatomical robot hand that students can play and experiment with when completed.
Have students write a detailed story from a photograph to develop creativity, communication skills, and critical thinking.