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Today, we’re walking you through six strategies that can help keep distracting students occupied, so you have time to give individual attention to all your students. 
Students will have a deeper understanding of the Reconstruction Era, including the struggles faced by the nation.
By the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify and explain different types of chemical reactions through hands-on activities.
Students will develop their inferential thinking skills. They will learn to analyze and draw conclusions from visuals, such as images, graphs, and...
Students will learn about the principles of simple machines, cause and effect, and problem-solving by designing and building their own Rube Goldberg...
Students will develop map-reading skills and critical thinking as they explore the interactive tribal maps and appreciate the cultural diversity and...
Lesson Objective: To read the book, Snow, and answer questions about the story
Lesson Objective: To answer questions based on a bar graph
Lesson Objective: To write a narrative on a star’s name including details on why that name was chosen
Lesson Objective: To learn about stars and then answer questions about them
Pre-written, Ready-to-Use Lesson & Student Worksheet. Learning Objective: To solve hockey word problems involving time.